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Analog-to-digital conversion

This class will educate the student on analog-to-digital conversion starting with the basic concepts of sampling and quantizaton, via the different ADC and DAC types to advanced topologies with calibration, and correction schemes. There is a strong emphasis on designing analog electronic circuits.

1. Sampling and quantization
   - Sampling in time domain, aliasing, Nyquist,

   - Sampling in the frequency domain
   - Quantization in amplitude domain
   - Quantization errors: INL, DNL, monotonicity
   - Dynamical parameters
   - Effective number of Bits            

2. Sample and hold  
   - Sampling
   - kT/C limit

   - sin x/x
   - Spec points

   - Design example
   - jitter

3. DA converters      

   - Unary versus binary architecture.
   - Current sources (design)
   - Ladder based (design)
   - R-2R

   - Pulse width modulation
   - Various
   - Comparison     

4. Basic AD architectures
  - Flash structure
  - Comparators 
  - Decoding: Gray, binary
  - Errors: meta stability, Bit Error Rate
  - Folding
  - coarse-fine architecture
  - Successive approx
  - Dual slope
  - Comparison of various architectures

 5.- Oversampling   
   - Oversampling
   - First order sigma delta
   - Idle patterns
   - Higher order sigma delta
   - Time cont versus SC
6. Sigma-delta modulator ADC 
   - TC modulator
   - Global constraints on filter
   - Digital decimation filter
   - Sigma-delta DA modulator
   - Example: FIR DAC
7. System trade-offs:
 8. Test and spcification

Target group
EE master level, early PhD, young engineers
Bachelor level micro-electronics design, understanding of MOS device, simple circuit design, discrete signal processing.
Achieved level at the end of he course
Able to read, interpret, analyse and evaluate modern scientific literature in this field (i.e. papers in IEEE J.S.S.C
Lecture hours
32 total, 8-9 classes of half day
Yes, approx. 40-60 hours
Supporting material Binder with slides,
book: Marcel Pelgrom, "Analog-to-digital conversion", Springer
1st ed. ISBN: 978-90-481-8887-1 (Print)
2nd ed.
ISBN-13: 978-1461413707
Final test
Write a review of a recent ADC paper and oral exam
Cost level On request