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Basic Electronics


in mathematical domain: time-domain, frequency domain, distortion,          
   - correlation. In physical domain: energy and power, harmonic distortion,
signal-to-noise, dynamic range

1B.Passive components:
   - Resistors: Ohm’s law, resistivity, diffused and poly resistors,
   - Thermal properties, noise, vd pauw, 3D effects
   - Inductors: Coil, single wire, bond-wire, transformer.
   - Capacitors: dual plate, fringe capacitors, energy in capacitors.
   - Non-linear elements: distortion, small-signal versus large signal

   - Energy bands, Fermi level,
   - Basic pn junction, I=f(Vpn) function. Mention of zener, breakdown
   - Bipolar transistor: elementary principle, hfe, Early voltage,
parasitic pnp transistor
   - MOS transistor: classical model, modern view.
   - Threshold voltage, current factor, drain modulation, mismatch, 1/f nosie.   
   - Large-signal versus small-signal: transconductance.

   - Combining passive elements: Kirchhof, elementary filter function,
   - kT/C noise, resistors ladders.
   - Single transistor amplifier, source follower, cascode
   - Inverter as amplifier
   - Differential pair, operating circuits in differential and single-ended mode.

4.Complex circuits:
   - Two stage amplifiers
   - Feed-back, stability, oscillation
   - Miller opamp
   - Bandgap circuit
   - Overview of CAD tools

Closely related but not covered in this course:
Laplace, z-transform, Poles-zeros
RF design, transmission lines, power elements
Instruction in CAD tools, simulation, lay-out

Target group EE level without micro-electronics, young engineers, desiring to understand the bascis of analog design
Education in physics or electrical engineering
Achieved level at the end of he course Understanding of the main design parameters,
insight is device physics,
elementary understanding of analog electronics design
Lecture hours 20 hours
Homework approx 30 hours
Supporting material Binder with slides
Chapter 2 from Analog-to-digital conversion book
Final test project
Cost level On request