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Desiging with variability

  - introduction in statistics
  - causes of deterministic and statistical errors,
  - Model for statitical mismcth of semiconductor devices
  - examples, technology generation
  - effect on circuits
  - calculation of bandgap circuits etc.

  - estimation, translation to circuit behavior and yield.

  - electrical offsets
  - lithographic errors
  - stress
  - metal effects
  - WPE, NBTI etc.
  - lay-out techniques addressing these errors,
Target group micro-electronics professionals
Prerequisite One year of design experience
Achieved level Practical guidelines for working with the material
Lecture hours 12 hour
Homework On request
Supporting material Binder with slides
final test  
Cost On request

  - substrate interference, shielding and related subjects.
  - digital aggressor
  - protection measures
  - shielding the victim